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"The Wish" is an exciting new energy game


designed to help you discover your deepest wishes and the true path to achieving them!

It is an opportunity to begin to live with intention, meaning, consiously thinking about who YOU are.

The game allows self reflection, finding perspective and allowing you to feel revitalised,


cleansed and willing to make Your life a priority in this world.


"The Wish" helps to shift you energetically,


by raising to your awareness


and then clearing away any blocks or negative beliefs standing in the way of your wish becoming a reality.


Powerful messages and insights from the energetically attuned Wish cards


help you to create positive new thoughts and energy patterns aligned with your Wish.

From this new energetic space, you find yourself empowered to action your wish,


which means your wishes can and do start coming true!




"How you play "The Wish" is how you live your life.

Step fully into your life, and give to your Wish journey"


* Be as honest as you can with yourself and others


* Be truly open to new ways of thinking and feeling


* Be willing to look way beyond your limitations


* Listen from your heart


* Share yourself


* Be willing to help and be helped


* Be open to being guided by your Higher Source


* Accept the new opportunities that are presented to you


* Keep it simple


* Have fun!


* And always believe that your desires will come true!




To experience and book your WISH journey call Antoinette 353 87 2482745.



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Athy, Co Kildare


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