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Do any of these questions sound familiar?

- Are you lacking as much joy as you used to have?

- Is your life out of balance?

- Do you have goals and not managed to achieve them yet?

- Do you find yourself worrying about the future?

- Do you feel something is missing in your life?

- Would you like to achieve greater self acceptance?


If you have answered Yes to any or all of the above questions,


as a "Heal Your Life"® Coach I can assist you in re-creating the balance in your life on many levels.

"Heal your Life"® Coaching includes the teachings and philosophy's from renowned author Louise L Hay and is always on a

ONE to ONE confidential consultation.

Call Antoinette to-day 087 248 27 45.

Ignite Your Spark and Success.


Change always starts with a first step.






 "Dont ever let AnyOne ever dull your Sparkle".